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animal bedding

Lakeshore Pallet can supply your farm with quality wood shaving animal bedding. Sold by various sizes
of semi-trailer loads we offer dry or freshly ground.

Dry Sawdust
We have two types of dry sawdust. One type is ground up boards and signs. The second is a very fine
dust that is created from cutting of boards. Sold by the ton, delivered to your farm’s loading dock.
These trailers are unloaded by driving into with skid steer or loader.

Freshly Ground
This sawdust has a 30-35% moisture content. It is the by product of cutting boards from freshly cut
cants. This is blown into our trailers or you can bring a trailer equipped with pipes. We offer trailers
with augers down the center of the floor to pull the shavings out of trailer. Once the center is cleared
will need to shovel shavings onto auger to finish. We also offer a couple of trailers that can be backed
into your dock to unload with skid steers.

Please call for availability and pricing.

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931 Millersville Ave

Howards Grove

WI, 53083

Tel: 920-565-3331

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